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Envirosep SP2000 technology delivers low maintenance & operating costs

Through a continual research and development program, Envirosep have designed and manufactured the SP2000. A unit that meets and exceeds consumer demands of an efficient, low maintenance wastewater treatment system.

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SP2000 Features and Benefits

The efficiency of an aerated wastewater treatment system is measured by the transfer of air to the micro-organisms used in the biological process to remove waste.

Quiet Operation
Smooth agitation to ensure there are no dead pockets where bio-solids can build up and timed aeration for minimal maintenance.

Easily Hidden
Below ground multiple light weight tank construction makes for easier access to your site and provides more options for layout where space is restricted.


Access service pit allows easier maintenance of system and large bio -solids storage tank reduces the frequency of bio-solids pump-outs.

Great for your garden
The efficient fine bubble aeration combined with a unique Biotube design enhances the treatment. This will provide enough recycled water to irrigate a small to medium lawn area.

Performance Guaranteed
Warranty is provided on all components from date of installation and two years on electrical components against defects in manufacture.

Approved by the EPA – CA 125/14
Commercial models are also available with additional bio-media, back-up air pumps and water pumps for heavy duty domestic and/or trade use applications.


Capacity – Primary pre-treatment tank: 3,200 litres
Aeration chamber: 2,200 litres
Humus tank: 1,000 litres
Contact tank: 300 litres
Total capacity: 6,700 litres
Tank construction: Concrete
Tank dimensions: 1750mm dia x 2300mm
Weight of tanks: 3 tonnes each
Weight of Pump Well 1.2 Tonnes

Recommended for:

  • Commercial installations
  • EPA Approved, up to 5000 Litre daily
  • System upgrades
  • Existing homes
  • Extensions
  • New homes


The Envirosep SP 2000 is fully guaranteed against any defects in manufacture. Electrical components of the system are warranted against defects in manufacture for two years from date of installation.

Service and Repairs

For more information about Envirosep service and repairs please contact:

SSA – Septic Systems Australia

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 432,
Montrose, VIC, 3765

Phone: (03) 9509 6878
Fax: (03) 9509 6818
Mobile: 0438 118 445

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