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Troughs and Cattle Grids


Capacity Inlet Weight Height Width Length
1000 gal round 1½” 2.6 tonne/2600kg 710mm 3.14m  
600 gal. 1¼” 1.6 tonne/1600kg 750mm 2.5m  
400 gal. 1.2 tonne/1200kg 700mm 2.14m  
200 gal. 700kg 610mm 1.45m  
250 gal. 800kg 400mm 2.4m  
100 gal. 500kg 470mm 1.2m  
80 gal Coffin 240kg 390mm 550mm 2400mm
40 gal. Rectangle 100kg 350mm 550mm 1175mm


Cattle Grids


Span       2120mm

Width     3220mm

Depth     300mm

Mass     3.2tonnes


Note: Double width Cattle Grids can be provided


For more information about our Troughs and Cattle grids, please phone CCP Civil & Precast Products Products on (03) 5231 5231.


cattle_grid_photo   cattle_trough_(400_gallon)
3.2 metre Cattle Grid   400 gallon cattle trough
Troughs (3)   t1000
600 gallon cattle trough   1000 gallon cattle trough
Troughs (6)    
Coffin Trough    

Downloads and drawings

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  1. Feedlot Trough drawing