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Storm Water Pits and Grates


Example: 450 x 450 Storm Water Pit

Trench Grates Load Chart

Class A 10 kN Pedestrian precincts only – no vehicular traffic
Class B 80 kN Footpaths where it is possible for a vehicle to mount the footpath
Or for light vehicles such as park tractors to use the facility
Class C 150 kN Light vehicles with a max. wheel load of 3.7tonne
or slow moving delivery vehicles with a max. wheel load of 7.5tonne
Class D 210 kN Highway traffic at legal loads and speeds
Class E 400 kN Areas subject to container forklifts or earthmoving equipment
Class F 600 kN Airport aprons
Class G 900 kN Airport taxiways

Downloads and drawings

Click on the links below to view the drawings:

  1. 450×450 Stormwater pit
  2. 600×600 Stormwater pit
  3. 900×600 Stormwater pit
  4. Side entry pit cover
  5. Stormwater Retention Pit