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Concrete Repair Products

Below is a list of our concrete repairs products. For more information please phone CCP Civil & Precast Products Products on (03) 5231 5231.

Patch and Anchor

A fast setting, non-shrink, polymer modified cement patching and anchoring compound for concrete, cement render, blockwork, brickwork and masonry surfaces.

 Non Shrink Grout

A pre-mixed, non-shrink Class “A” cement grout. Non-shrink Grout is an expanding non-ferrous grout, consisting of a dry-premixed blend of Portland Cement and graded siliceous aggregate with set regulating and reactive chemical agents. Contains no Calcium Chloride.

 Rapid Set 45

A fast setting, non-slump, cement patching and repair compound.

 Liquid Flash

A pre-mixed one pack white water based reinforced acrylic flexible waterproof flashing/membrane between different building surfaces. Liquid flash will remain pliable and elastic and will bridge cracks and smooth irregular surfaces.

 Level Floor

Is a cement based floor levelling and patching compound. Level Floor is a self-levelling, fast setting cement based resin modified patching compound. Its smooth texture and high fluidity allow ease of trowelling, feather edging and finishing. Level Floor bonds securely to concrete and masonry and as high strength.

 Flexible Sealer

Is a pre-mixed one pack water based heavy duty acrylic plastic membrane that is easily applied by brush, roller or spray to form a resilient coating over metal and masonry surfaces that will flex with the structure, waterproofing it and giving protection from weathering. Flexible Sealer is formulated to remain pliable and elastic, to bridge and seal hair-line cracks and to resist mild chemical attack and adhere to damp substrates.

 Crystal Sealer

Cement based waterproofing compound that chemically reacts with moist cement based substrates. Crystal Sealer forms insoluble crystals in the capillary tracts of the substrate permanently waterproofing the surface yet still allowing the surface to breathe.


A cement coating that is simply mixed with water and applied to porous masonry surfaces to form a heavy duty, durable finish which waterproofs, colours and preserves the substrate.

 Bonding Additive

A multipurpose, acrylic primer, bonding, waterproofing agent for concrete, screeds, renders and cement based mixers to masonry building surfaces.


Downloads and drawings

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  1. Patch and Anchor
  2. Non Shrink Grout
  3. Rapid Set 45
  4. Liquid Flash
  5. Level Floor
  6. Flexible Sealer
  7. Crystal Sealer
  8. Cemcote
  9. Bonding Additive